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Zokiniai air base looked at for NATO use

Lithuanian and U.S. officials are discussing the possibility of using the Soviet-built airport near

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Human skeletons emerge from Vilnius street

VILNIUSIt sounds like a scene out of a Hollywood horror film: The city's main avenue is built ato

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Italian Embassy discussed

VILNIUSItalian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has promised to help Lithuania sort out a row wit

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On immigration

An anti-immigration television ad placed by a far-right political party sparked controversy earlier

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EU support increases in June

RIGASupport for joining the European Union rose sharply in Latvia last month, with 45.5 percent o

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Norwegian ex-pat faces fraud

RIGAA Norwegian citizen arrested for attempting to scam a Latvian bank out of $2.5 million could

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Bellies full of bootleg booze

RIGAMore than 25,000 Russian "matryoshka" dolls each concealing a half-liter bottle of vodka insi

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Plans halted for WWII memorial

TALLINNThe Estonian city of Parnu on July 23 called for the redesign of a monument honoring veter

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Money requested for evicted tenants

TALLINN The mayor of Tallinn sent a letter this week to the national government asking for an add

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Cursory Nazi probe rejected

TALLINNThe U.S. Embassy and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have rejected the results of a 12-day inv

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