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Swine fever scare draws pork ban

Agence France-Presse, PRAGUEBoth the Czech Republic and Lithuania on May 4 banned the importation

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Ignalina posts 2001 loss

VILNIUSOfficials from the Lithuanian nuclear power plant Ignalina said May 6 that the plant suffe

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TAX CHANGES: The Lithuanian government on May 2 passed a draft law on personal income tax and accomp

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Lithuania's 'sinful' sauce unleashed

VILNIUSA Lithuanian food company said May 6 it had started production of a new "sinful" sauce int

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Making less, paying more – the high cost of Riga

RIGARaj Chaudhary's Indian and Thai restaurants have been popular with residents and tourists in

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Lithuanians flock to shop ... and skate

VILNIUSSince it opened at the end of April thousands of shoppers have flocked to the Akropolis, L

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May Day holiday returns to Lithuania

VILNIUS After working on May 1 for several years Lithuanians once again enjoyed a state holiday o

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Election law vote pending

RIGAThe Latvian Parliament on May 9 is expected to vote to scrap Latvian language proficiency req

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Welfare minister fired as scandal picks up speed

RIGALatvian Prime Minister Andris Berzins last week fired Welfare Minister Andrejs Pozarnovs for

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Social Dems want elected president, KGB reprieve

RIGALatvia's Social Democrats have unveiled a plan to make sweeping changes to the national const

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