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Preatoni faces fraud charges

TALLINNEstonia's tax police have charged well-known real estate developer Ernesto Preatoni with t

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AG MINSTERS UNITE: Baltic agriculture ministers sent a letter to European Union Agriculture Commissi

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Baltic subsidiaries safe from Ericsson hatchet

AFP StockholmCash-starved Swedish telecom giant Ericsson said April 22 it would cut 20,000 jobs a

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Linstow unveils biggest Baltic mall yet

TALLINNNorway-based developer Lin-stow International is planning to build the Baltic countries' l

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Lithuanian Jews warn of growing anti-Semitism

VILNIUSLithuania's Jewish community said April 19 it was concerned over a growing number of anti-

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Lithuania picks up its trash

VILNIUSUnsuspecting visitors to the Pushkin Museum and its surrounding park in Vilnius on April 2

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Discussing a new role in fighting terrorism

VILNIUSWhile the threat of terrorist attacks in Lithuania remains small, an ambitious conference

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Corruption cops coming, business people fret

RIGAIn the past, combating corruption in Latvia has been a duty scattered over more than a half-d

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Pre-election party funding under scrutiny

RIGAA recent study released by the Latvian offices of the international corruption watchdog Trans

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Buy stone, save square

NARVAA campaign to raise funds for renovating Narva's Town Hall Square got under way this week wi

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