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Estonia's millionaires club grows

TALLINNNearly 150 Estonia residents officially earned more than 1 million kroons ($56,000) last y

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Knock, knock, knockin' on NATO's door

VILNIUSFire leapt in the air and rockets burst over the center of the Old Town on the night of Ap

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Sex trade scars Baltic women

RIGASaule had just finished high school and was dreading the prospect of becoming a shop assistan

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Unraveling the unrivaled mystery of Riga

RIGACities are mysterious places. Think of Baudelaire's Paris. Or Joyce's Dublin. Or Dicken's Lon

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Words of advice

In May 1992 I was in a meeting with the National Defense Committee. One of the members was Saulius P

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There are a lot of myths and half-proven theories about suicide. But nobody has adequately explained

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Money for past wrongs

On March 20 independent Lithuanian MP Julius Veselka registered draft legislation repealing a contro

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An NKVD agent talks

Mikhail Farbtukh, 85, was the last person of the former Soviet Union to be imprisoned specifically f

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Telecoms merger makes Baltic index go up

The sharp rise of telecommunication stocks last week after the merger announcement by Scandinavian T

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New logistics center to open in Klaipeda

KLAIPEDAThe Lithuanian sea port of Klaipeda hopes a new logistics center will bolster its already

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