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Balts quickly stripping away Soviet inhibitions

As the spring sun finally starts to shine - and shine beautifully - people across the Baltics are ta

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A future travel market

It is unlikely that many people in the Baltic states were aware of the 36 new destinations that beca

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The Baltic is a sick sea. Apart from immense industrial pollution and over-fishing, what was once a

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Saving on appearances

In 1994 the then Lithuanian President Algirdas Brazauskas visited Israel and apologized in the Kness

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World traveler

Ingeborga Dapkunaite is the only film star in the Baltic states whose name is likely to be familiar

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Estonian dividends boost Baltic List turnover

Speculative deals with Estonian stocks during dividend calculations has caused the Baltic List stock

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Sonera bucks trend with Q1 profit

HELSINKISonera, the leading Finnish mobile phone operator which is locked in a dispute with the L

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EU accession to have little effect on food prices

TALLINN According to a survey carried out by professor Urmas Varblane of Tartu University, access

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Russian oil needed, but OPEC still rules

AFP MOSCOWRussia can become a major alternative to the Middle East as a source of crude oil but

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'Shadow' economy looms large

AFP SOFIABlack market or "shadow" economies are booming in ex-communist Europe, where they repres

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