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Latvian mountain climbers ascend to new heights

RIGA - It might seem strange that the first group of climbers of the same nationality to conquer the

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Tale of two communities

Reading the article in The Baltic Times about Jeffrey Tayler's piece in Atlantic Monthly, I was thri

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NATO: Balts in or out?

In response to last week's report in The Baltic Times ("Balts react to anti-NATO magazine article")

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Chaotic scenes of anti-globalization protesters running amok on city streets, barricading the doorwa

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Baltic List shares end week lower

Last week the Baltic List's biggest stocks posted losses, pulling down the Baltic index by 0.84 perc

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Decommissioning is new challenge for nuclear plant chief

VILNIUS - Viktor Sevaldin, general director at Lithuania's Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, could be li

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People's lives at stake in nuclear plant closure

VISAGINAS - Lena Judina's job is on the line. So is everybody else's in town. The 36-year-old eth

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Row erupts over soccer stadium

TALLINN - Tallinn's city government is launching an investigation into the construction of Estonia's

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Baltic business survival

Step Three: Pump up your sales "Selling is asking for the order." Anonymous.If you've worked t

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ANTE UP: Estonia's Olympic Casino Group Baltija on Feb. 8 opened the first legal slot-machine hall i

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