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NGO Center helps Latvia help itself

Some of the kids at Riga St. Nicholas Shelter know what it's like to sleep in the staircase of a bui

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Living the single life of the Northern Europeans

Some interesting things are happening in the Baltic states that are resembling new lifestyles in Sca

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Dreaming of rescue

We're all used to surprises from the European Union. It opened enlargement negotiations with six cou

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Estonian shares higher, despite weakness in neighboring markets

Shares in Latvia's oil terminal Ventspils Nafta and in Lithuania's knitwear producer Utenos Trikotaz

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Baltic business survival. Step Two: Hoard every dollar

"If money talks, I need a hearing aid." Joe L. Whitley.This week we tackle your cash balances. If

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Swedes forecast steady Baltic growth

Despite the gloomy state of the world economy, the Baltic states are retaining their position as one

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Convicted banker released after big bail payment

Once a respected manager and the majority shareholder of a banking group, Andres Bergmann has been r

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State telephone monopoly agrees to compete

Lattelekom's days as a monopoly may be numbered.A loophole in Latvia's hastily-adopted communicat

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Sixty years to catch up with Western Europe

It will take 50 to 60 years for Estonian pay levels to reach the European Union's average, according

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French heating giant signs Vilnius deal

The Dalkia unit of French utilities and communications group Vivendi has signed a 15-year deal with

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