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Go where you want, be what you want

The first part of the sentence in the title conjures up so many frivolous flights of fancy - Jules V

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This January, as with every year since 1991, Lithuania and Latvia commemorate their nations' unarmed

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Good strong week for Baltic List shares

Gains by most Baltic states' blue chip stocks last week pushed the Baltic index higher. Capitalizati

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McDonald's seeks exceptional profit in Lithuania

VILNIUS - U.S. fast-food chain McDonald's has asked the Lithuanian government to renew its exemption

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Potato shortage spikes prices

RIGA - Latvians are being forced to abandon their meat-and-potato diet due to a shortage of native g

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Officials expect to wrap up privatization

RIGA - Latvia hopes to sell its largest remaining state-owned companies in 2002 and to start liquida

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Two more years of major sell-offs

VILNIUS - Lithuania's State Property Fund still has plenty of work to do to privatize the country's

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Twelve steps to success

Step 11: Recognize the risk"As far as I am concerned, nothing is worth going broke for." Warren A

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Estonian hockey sticks swing into world arena

TALLINN - Estonia's Viisnurk signaled its determination to stay on top by signing an agreement last

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Fisheries freshen up with EU help

RIGA - Latvia has turned to nearby fishing giants Sweden and the United Kingdom for help in bringing

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