CHARGED: Latvian prosecutors pressed charges against a United States national on Jan. 4 who was deta

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Baltic blizzards strand motorists

RIGA, VILNIUS - Blizzards swept through Lithuania and Latvia last week causing havoc for all, partic

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At last, France pays for Baltic pre-WWII embassies

VILNIUS - In a year or two, the Lithuanian Embassy in Paris will no longer be neighbor to the Hard R

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Influential paper slams Russia's Baltic politics

TALLINN - The influential business paper the Wall Street Journal Europe criticized on Jan. 4 Russian

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Protracted Lavents' bank trial concludes

RIGA - What seemed like an eternal trial against former banker Aleksandrs Lavents ended on Jan. 3 wi

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Laar resigns, ruling block in tatters

TALLINN - Estonian Prime Minister Mart Laar resigned on Jan. 8 as the crisis in the national coaliti

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