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Soaring Latvian shares push up Baltic index

Latvia's stock market last week unexpectedly emerged as the trading volume leader for the Baltic sta

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Baltic share prices move chaotically

The Baltic stock markets last week were characterized by sudden turns in price movement upwards as w

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Latvian shares drag Baltic index downward

Despite gains by most Lithuanian and Estonian stocks last week, a drop in the price of the two Latvi

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Estonian gains resemble Wall Street's, Baltic index unswayed

Estonian stocks continued gaining fast over the last week with the rate of price increases keeping i

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Baltic index keeps rising to new heights

Although Baltic telecom stocks failed to climb any further in the outgoing week, the Baltic index ke

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Telecoms push Baltic index higher

Led by sharp gains in Estonian and Lithuanian telecommunications shares, the Baltic List index rose

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Baltic List shares end week lower

Last week the Baltic List's biggest stocks posted losses, pulling down the Baltic index by 0.84 perc

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Estonian shares higher, despite weakness in neighboring markets

Shares in Latvia's oil terminal Ventspils Nafta and in Lithuania's knitwear producer Utenos Trikotaz

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Utenos Trikotazas rebounds sharply, Estonian shares continue higher

Lithuanian knitwear producer Utenos Trikotazas rebounded strongly from its sharp decline the previou

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Utenos Trikotazas weighs on Baltic index

Burdened by the full weight of a huge 50 percent loss in Lithuania's knitwear company Utenos Trikota

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