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Baltic stocks again on downward trend

All Baltic stock indexes and the Baltic List capitalization fell this week, once again following tre

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Baltic trading activity boosted by seatbelt shares

The Baltic Index of 13 Latvian, Lithuania and Estonian blue chip prices in euros inched up 0.17 perc

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Latvijas gaze drags Baltic Index downward

A sharp fall in the gas utility Latvijas Gaze's stocks dragged the Baltic Index down this week, also

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Stock trade on Baltic markets keeps dwindling

Trading activity subsided on the Baltic stock exchanges this week with no growing trend shown by mos

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Estonian and Lithuanian stocks fall, Latvian stocks surge

Most of the stocks on the Baltic List fell this week, and the list's capitalization after a short br

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Baltic stock prices keep on growing

Most of the Baltic states' stock indexes posted gains this week, with the Baltic index of 13 Baltic

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Estonian dividends boost Baltic List turnover

Speculative deals with Estonian stocks during dividend calculations has caused the Baltic List stock

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Baltic index and capitalization at record highs

The Baltic index and the Baltic List capitalization rose to record highs due to steep gains by highl

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Hansapank and Latvijas Gaze continue to dominate

Trade with highly liquid Baltic stocks slowed in the outgoing week, but Estonia's Hansapank and the

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Telecoms merger makes Baltic index go up

The sharp rise of telecommunication stocks last week after the merger announcement by Scandinavian T

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