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Verheugen cheers on Latvia's EU preparations

RIGA - Visiting Latvia on May 19-20, Gunter Verheugen, the European Union's commissioner for enlarge

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Poland's NATO experience useful for Estonia

TALLINN - Polish Foreign Minister Wladyslaw Bartoszewski made an official visit to Estonia on July 2

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President and army among most trustworthy

TALLINN - The president, border guards and the defense forces are the most trustworthy institutions

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Off the wire

CHIRAC TO VISIT BALTICS: French President Jacques Chirac is going to tour the Baltics in a state vis

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Hellish heat builds in Lithuania

VILNIUS - For folks with a busy daily routine this July the weather has been hot as hell. But the ex

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Thunderstorms cost Estonia millions

TALLINN - The thunderstorms that struck Estonia on July 15 to 20 caused millions of kroons in losses

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Tending an undernourished army

With lobbying for NATO membership intensifying, Girts Valdis Kristovskis, Latvia's defense minister

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Racism comes into sharp focus in Estonia

TALLINN - The activities of racist extremists in Estonia should be prevented before they spiral out

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Hot summer brings tropical storms

RIGA - The unusually hot and humid summer in the Baltic states has not only brought increased sales

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When survival is a playground garden

RIGA - Almost 70 percent of Latvia's inhabitants own a little parcel of land, a small garden of abou

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