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Off the wire

NEW TAX LAW: The new value-added-tax law Estonian lawmakers passed July 14 provides a provision wher

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EBRD offers to bail out shipping privatization

RIGA - After the failure in April of the third attempt to privatize the state-owned Latvian Shipping

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IMF calls for balanced budget

TALLINN - The International Monetary Fund praised the Estonian economy in its annual report publishe

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Baptists finally win religious status

Keston News Service - Lithuania's Baptist Union has expressed surprise and pleasure that the country

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Head of Lenin mushrooms near border

RIGA - Valka Town Council has decided to use a Soviet-era relic – a 2- to 3-meter-tall granite rendi

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Wealthy man's medieval grave unearthed

RIGA - Archaeological excavations in the county of Puze near the Latvian city of Ventspils have unea

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Essays row highlights delicate balancing act

RIGA - The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe last week sought to calm a storm of p

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Police bust marijuana farm

TALLINN - Estonian police in cooperation with customs department experts uncovered an underground ma

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Balts hold different values

TALLINN - The values of residents of the Baltic states differ widely from place to place, with the g

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Major TOM to fight for democracy

TALLINN - The Estonian government has gotten closer to the people with the help of TOM, an online le

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