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Miners put on show of force

NARVA - May 25 is the deadline for the government to reply to an ultimatum from Ida Virumaa county m

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Editorial staff go cruising for bruising

RIGA - Latvia is fast becoming a country with more and more Western style services, as any visitor h

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Hiker sinks into wilds to help children

RIGA - On April 17, a man named BJ Martin left Latvia to begin an epic 2,658 mile walking journey of

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A Russian renaissance?

Forty years ago on April 12, Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to go into space. Last month,

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Economies in transition are easy targets for corruption. Cases of bribery, false contracts and fake

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Baltic index giving mixed reviews

Contrary to sharp increases in share prices on most world stock markets, the Baltic index did not se

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Fund units first listed

RIGA - Starting April 17, Baltic Index Fund open-end fund units will be listed on the Official List

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Scandinavians to invest in Lithuanian dairies

VILNIUS - Scandinavian investors, mainly Swedes, have started implementing a major investment plan i

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Court cancels results of railway privatization

TALLINN - The Tallinn Administrative Court on April 16 canceled a decision of the supervisory counci

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Small shipyard in Liepaja intends to build tankers

RIGA - The Tosmare ship-repair facility, based in the Latvian port city of Liepaja and owned by Riga

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