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Leaders lay down mutual ambitions

RIGA - The prime ministers of the three Baltic states appeared relatively united last week following

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Lithuanian MPs attack aggressive pets

VILNIUS - The Parliamentary Committee of Law and Order recently proposed strict regulations that wou

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Alpine summit takes chill off Latvian-Russian relations

RIGA - Upon her return from a surprise Feb. 10 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Aust

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Killing spree claims its latest victim

RIGA - As police officers and fire fighters broke down the door of a small room in the Hotel Julia i

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To the President: A defense of earthworm anarchism

To be precise, this is more of an explanation than a defense. And an explanation is where one has to

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Messing with the mob

Politicians are usually well aware of the perils of their profession. Maldeikis should have known be

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Killing Latvia slowly

The latest census shows that in 2000 there were 1,473,500 Latvians living in Latvia. In 1935, there

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Let's create a Baltic super-state

After 10 years of independence the three Baltic countries have made tremendous progress on the path

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Week of contrasts brings few changes

Regardless of the significant price changes of stocks in both positive and negative directions, the

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Castles keep rising around Vilnius

VILNIUS - For many decades after World War II, a Lithuanian's home was more akin to a prison cell th

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