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Baltic index hits new record on coattails of Latvijas Gaze gains

The steep rise in share prices of the gas company Latvijas Gaze last week compensated for the loss i

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Latvijas Gaze keeps Baltic index from big slump

The Baltic stock exchanges last week saw a drop in telecommunication companies' share prices, though

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Trading activity, blue chips down on Baltic markets

Trading activity and prices of most of the blue chip stocks were down last week on all three Baltic

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Balta Insurance shares drag Baltic index south

Last week shares in Latvia's insurance company Balta fell by almost 50 percent, pulling the Baltic i

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Baltic index reasonably firm at Q2 close

Investor hoping to improve their balance sheet indicators at the end of the H1 season, as well as po

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Investors wait for discouraging spell to pass

The decline in trade on the Estonian stock market in the outgoing week resulted in trading activity

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Baltic markets down, mirroring global trends

A majority of the most highly capitalized Baltic stocks fell last week, influenced by similar trends

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Baltics: Stock trading activity falls sharply

Trading activity fell sharply on the Baltic states' stock markets last week while key stocks posted

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Eesti Telekom drives activity on Baltic List

Investors were focused on Eesti Telekom last week, in anticipation of its dividend payment. After cl

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Broad advance by Baltic list shares

Last week the Baltic index, calculated in euros, gained 3.4 percent to 134.57 as a result of gains b

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