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By Boris Epsteins

Proving overall strength, the Baltic List index and its capitalization rose in the outgoing week, dr

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Latvian stock market loses, Estonia's and Lithuania's gain

Last week Latvia's stock market saw trade slow to a trickle with most shares falling, while the Esto

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Baltic index stable against backdrop of falling world markets

Despite significant falls posted by several major Baltic states' stocks last week, the Baltic index

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Stock markets slump in wake of attacks on U.S. targets

The tragic and destructive terrorist attacks in the U.S.A. earlier this week will impact the world's

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Baltic index sinks on widespread weakness

The Baltic index and the Baltic List capitalization level took a steep dive in the outgoing week due

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Baltic List representation in trouble again

Falling Latvian and Estonian shares, including a plunge in the share price of the gas company Latvij

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Stability returns to Baltic index - what next?

The Baltic index's downward spiral was brought to a halt last week due to a resurgence in Latvijas G

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Telecoms, gas down, pull Baltic index along

Last week brought declines in telecommunication companies and in Latvia's gas utility Latvijas Gaze.

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Latvijas Gaze shares up in a sea of complacency

Despite losses by a majority of Lithuanian and Estonian stocks, the Baltic index and the Baltic List

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Baltic index closes week at another record high

Last week speculative interest in Latvijas Gaze shares, as well as in a number of Lithuanian compani

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