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Baltic List stocks drift on positive territory

Last week saw no major changes in the Baltic List stock prices as calculated in euros. The Baltic In

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Budget for the people

Rarely is a single proposal rejected so many times. It was declined by the government on July 11. I

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IMF warns Estonia about unemployment

TALLINN - Despite Estonia's position as a leader among the transition countries and its substantial

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Latvenergo likes its winters cold

RIGA - The state energy monopoly is not going through the best of times.The government postponed

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Trial of bank suspects continues

RIGA - The trial marathon in the criminal case against the Banka Baltija, which was sent to the cour

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Summed up

NEW JOBS: The French company The Axon's Group will manufacture cables in a chemical fibre factory's

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Parnu, the summer capital of Estonia

PARNU - A summer resort in southeast Estonia at the mouth of the Parnu River is called the "summer

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Iron Wolf fund takes positive view of Baltics

VILNIUS - Santa Monica, California-based Iron Wolf Partners has been actively investing in Baltic se

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Estonia's big businessmen vie for railroad

TALLINN - A group of Estonia's most prominent businessmen and companies have formed an investment gr

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'In Your Pocket' catches investors' attention

TALLINN - Trigon Capital, one of the Baltic states' and northwestern Russia's leading investment ban

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