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Estonian court fines TV station for porn scene

TALLINN (BNS) - The Tallinn administrative court handed the television station TV3 with a 10,000 kro

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Social services back NRG deal

TALLINN (BNS) - Social Affairs Minister Eiki Nestor said on July 14 that a social program guaranteed

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New party wants Russian museum

TALLINN - The newly formed Russian Baltic Party of Estonia plans to create Estonia's first Baltic Ru

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Language law

I. General questions1. The rules regulate the level of proficiency in the state language nece

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Off the wire

NEW PARTY IN LITHUANIA: The Lithuanian Ministry of Justice has officially registered the Union of Mo

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Berzins: 'China is the most important player for us'

RIGA - Latvian foreign policy is to become friends with the world in a selective way since Latvi

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Treaty inked as Kalejs probe continues

RIGA - Six months after authorities here launched an investigation into alleged Nazi war criminal an

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Storm in Rakvere damages 110 houses

TALLINN (BNS) - A tornado-like storm hit the north Estonian town of Rakvere on July 15, killing one

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Language rules provoke protests

RIGA - Approximately 500 people assembled in Esplanade Park around the monument of Rainis, the first

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Two hours after the Latvian wire services first reported on the defacing of the Jewish memorial

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