'Brothers in arms'

ADAZI - They ran through smoke and gun fire, shouting and shooting, to kill imaginary enemies during

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UNESCO school project promotes a culture of peace

On June 3, at the Center for Young Naturalists in Vilnius, a workshop in recognition of Worldwide Pr

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Musicians support orphanages, city rocks

VILNIUS - On May 27, eight Lithuanian bands of rock, pop, hip hop and rap musicians held a concert n

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French historian unveils the crimes of communism

VILNIUS - Nicolas Werth, French historian and one of the authors of "Livre noir du communisme (The B

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Shroeder reserved on Baltics' wish to join NATO

RIGA (BNS) - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder during his visit in Riga June 6 did not say if Germ

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Latvia not likely to be in 'big bang' for NATO, say analysts

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Despite rising optimism, Latvia has little chance of joining NATO in the next rou

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IT College to solve Estonia's shortages of IT specialists

TALLINN - Government and business have finally found a solution to the lack of IT specialists in Est

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World-famous Estonian composer dies

TALLINN - Lepo Sumera, one of the most important symphonic composers in Estonian music history, died

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Swedish expert continues speculation on ferry sinking

TALLINN (BNS) - Swedish technical expert Johan Ridderstolpe maintains there must be a large hole in

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