Shroeder reserved on Baltics' wish to join NATO

  • 2000-06-08
RIGA (BNS) - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder during his visit in Riga June 6 did not say if Germany supports the wish of the Baltic states to join NATO but voiced understanding of Latvia's goal. The chancellor did not reveal whether he supports inviting new candidates to join NATO as soon as in 2002, or if the reserved attitude of Germany is related to unwillingness to complicaterelations with Russia.

"Germany represents politics based on the grounds of reason, and Germany makes sovereign decisions," said Schroeder.

Following the meeting with Latvian Prime Minister Andris Berzins, Schroeder pointed at the action plan adopted during the Washington summit in 1999 for further development of NATO.

Asked if Germany could extend more assistance to Latvia in the military sphere, Schroeder also did not provide a concrete answer, but said Germany would continue cooperating with Latvian police in combatting organized crime and terrorism.