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Car market is taking Western shape

TALLINN - New car sales in Estonia have increased 46 percent this year compared to last year, but it

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Energy Act changes coming next year in Estonia

TALLINN - Changes in the law on energy and the general situation of the Estonian energy market were

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Shopping malls to mushroom in Baltics

RIGA - The recent shopping-center boom in the Baltics will continue as Italian businessman Ernesto P

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Off the wire

MOBILE, FIXED USERS LEVEL: The number of Eesti Telefon's (Estonian Telephone) fixed lines was 521,90

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Tourists rate Estonia as safe country

TALLINN (BNS) - Contrary to some reports in the foreign press, most tourists find Estonia safe to vi

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3G to reach Estonia in 2003

TALLINN - The global rollout of the third generation (3G) of mobile communications, which is expecte

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Norwegians enter Latvian bank service market

RIGA - The Norwegian company Euro Processing International has acquired a controlling stake in Banks

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Hospitality traders gather in Vilnius

VILNIUS - Quality over quantity seems to be the latest catch phrase at Vilnius' LitExpo Trade and Co

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Baltic gas stations turn automatic

Finnish Fortum Oil and Gas Oy, Neste's holding company, has decided to turn its service stations in

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Old bond holders ask for money back

TALLINN (ETA) - Holders of bonds that were issued by the pre-war Republic of Estonia in 1927 and hav

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