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Combating corruption in Lithuania

VILNIUS - Corruption is a dirty word in Lithuania but does nevertheless remain a problem. Even the E

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Australian police arrest Kalejs

RIGA - Alleged Nazi war criminal Konrads Kalejs, an Australian citizen of Latvian origin, was arrest

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Presidential summit stresses Baltic unity

RIGA - Meeting in Riga in the aftermath of the EU's crucial summit on enlargement in Nice, the presi

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Latvian arts magazine - the best of the year

The highlight of the Latvian art scene in 2000 occurred at the end of November, when the Latvian Art

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Prisoners long for more jobs

RIGA - Only 26.2 percent of Latvia's 8,734 prisoners are employed in jail workshops in manufacturing

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Lithuania gains formal acceptance to WTO

VILNIUS - Lithuania has formally been accepted as a member of the Geneva-based World Trade Organizat

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Lithuanians turn into nation of Euro-enthusiasts

VILNIUS - The number of Lithuanians who support their country's membership in the European Union is

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Parliament grants approval for painful social reforms

VILNIUS, (ELTA) - The Lithuanian parliament approved by a narrow majority Dec. 7 the controversial g

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Alleged swindler jumps ship

RIGA - Latvian police are currently searching for a lawyer named Uldis Nagobads, who is suspected of

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Riga's heating causes heated discussions

RIGA - So far this year 10 people have frozen to death in Riga. This number is expected to go up as

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