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Government doubts LISCO privatization

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian government will decide on further steps in the process of privatizing the L

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Estonian Hercules plays with bars

TALLINN - The sixth Estonian weightlifting championship was held at the restaurant Raekk Nov. 26. It

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Balkans envoy praises Latvia's ethnic mix

RIGA - Speaking at a conference on the role and responsibility of the press in new democracies on No

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Furs: high fashion or cruelty?

VILNIUS - Nijole Velickiene, christened by the mass media as the "queen of Lithuanian furs," present

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Building bridges between Vilnius and Zurich

VILNIUS - A literature bridge has been built between the Baltics and Switzerland. This month the Swi

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Government to increase budget

TALLINN - After a series of amendments, the Estonian government offered to increase the proposed 200

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Austria promises Lithuania direct compensation for forced Nazi labor

VIENNA-VILNIUS (BNS) - Austria has promised Lithuania direct com-pensation payments to Lithuanian c

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Paksas' popularity on the rise

VILNIUS (BNS) - New Lithuanian Prime Minister Rolandas Paksas has seen a sharp rise in his popularit

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Celebrating Lithuanian Soldiers' Day

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian government established the Lithuanian Armed Forces on Nov. 24, 1918 to figh

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Police raid newspaper offices for alleged anti-Semitism

VILNIUS - A prosecutor from the Vilnius regional prosecutor's office and seven officers of Lithuani

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