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Discovering Europe's best kept secret

Few people think about visiting Lithuania's beautiful national and regional parks, because few touri

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Lithuanian celebrities speak out on 2001

VILNIUS - Lithuanian superstars of the Church, politics, astrology and history gave The Baltic Times

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Top 10 events in Lithuania in 2000

NEW GOVERNMENT: On Oct. 8 the center-right Liberal Union of Rolandas Paksas and the center-left New

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Top 10 events in Latvia in 2000

LANGUAGE LAW: Tensions surrounding the introduction of the law on state language lessened somewhat i

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More Russian Radio?

TALLINN - Russian Radio - Baltija, a new radio station, will begin airing on Dec. 20 at 104.9 FM.

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Estonia's Top 10 in the year 2000

HIV OUTBREAK: Yes, it was an outbreak, confirmed Estonian health care experts. The number of HIV-pos

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Summed up

LION VANDALIZED: Less than a month after inauguration, the Swedish lion, a monument to mark the Swed

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Higher pensions every year

TALLINN - Parliament on Dec. 13 passed a state pension insurance bill that foresees indexation of p

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Fourth killing in four years

RIGA - Latvia has experienced its fourth gangster-style murder, a la Al Capone, related to the dist

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Estonian Parliament enacts genome law

TALLINN - Parliament enacted a law on Dec. 13 allowing the creation of a nationwide gene bank in Est

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