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Beginning of the end for Ignalina

VILNIUS - Lithuania finally surrendered to international pressure Sept. 8, agreeing to shut down the

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Fischer backs Baltic states in EU drive

TALLINN - German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer expressed his country's support for the Baltic sta

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Stock markets: weekly report (August 27 - September 3)

Estonia: Traders find numbers they likeExpectations of disastrous second quarter economic figures

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German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer made it abundantly clear during his stay in Tallinn that his

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Lenin and Stalin stand again

They once stood in the central squares of Lithuanian cities. Now, they are destined to stand in a fo

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Estonia's biggest promoter

Neil Taylor recounts a harrowing story - a pack of British train buffs, who came to tour the underde

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All hail the Tartan Army

The last time the Tartan Army marched into Tallinn, a canceled game sent them home with their insati

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Earnings of the listed and to-be-listed companies

Estonia> The consolidated net profit of AS Kalev in the first half of 1999 was 147,000 kroons ($9

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Summed up

CENTRAL BANK TO BOLT RKB: The Bank of Latvia will sell its shares in Rigas Komercbanka at the first

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Macroeconomic news makes markets nervous

Last week, the Baltics were anxiously awaiting news on the macroeconomic situation in the three repu

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