Saeima Budget Committee to consider increasing minimum wage to EUR 630

  • 2021-09-09
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Saeima today forwarded to the Budget and Finance Committee a petition signed by 10,134 citizens of Latvia, proposing to increase the minimum monthly wage to EUR 630.

The signature drive commenced last August at the initiative of Kristaps Toms Gutmanis. Since 2004, Latvia has been one of the European Union member countries with the lowest minimum monthly wages, Gutmanis said.

At the moment, the minimum monthly wage in Latvia is EUR 500 before tax. A year ago, the minimum wage was EUR 430.

In Gutmanis' opinion, the low minimum monthly wage in Latvia is the reason for several social problems in the country and emigration from Latvia to other countries with more favorable financial situations.

Gutmanis believes that increasing the minimum wage to EUR 630 will improve the social and economic situation in Latvia, especially for those residents who are paid the minimum wage.