Ryanair temporarily cuts number of Riga-Bergamo flights

  • 2020-03-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Irish low-costs carrier Ryanair said on Wednesday it will cut the number of short distance flights to and from Italian airports, including on the Riga-Bergamo route, by 25 percent from March 17 to April 8.

Ryanair is scaling down flights to Italy due to the spread of the novel coronavirus Covid-19.

As LETA was told at Riga Airport, the Irish carrier will temporarily reduce the number of flights between Riga and Bergamo. From March 17 to 28, the weekly number of flights on the route will be reduced by one and from March 29 to April 8 the weekly number of flights between Riga and Bergamo will be reduced by two.

According to information available on Ryanair's website, the company currently operates five flights a week from Riga to Bergamo.

Representatives of Riga Airport said they had not yet received information about other changes in the plans of Ryanair or other airlines operated at the airport.

With the coronavirus spreading, demand for Ryanair flights to and from Italy scheduled for late March and early April has plummeted, the airline said.