Road Trip Thrift: 5 Essential Tips for Budget-Friendly Car Hire

  • 2024-05-28

So, you have finally decided to go on that road trip you have been dreaming about for so long. That’s awesome! Before you do anything, though, you should study our road trip thrift guide. Don’t worry; it’s not anything crazy. Just follow our 5 essential tips for budget-friendly car hire in the UK, and you’ll be good to go on a great British road trip without regretting it afterwards. 

Tip 1: Begin your Car Hire Hunt Early

The further you are from your booking date, the lower the hire prices are. So, you save money by simply searching for and securing an option early. When you do your research, you’ll notice that daily prices during weekdays tend to be cheaper than costs on Fridays or the weekends. Thus, you can save even more by being flexible with your dates. 

Tip 2: Compare Prices

One of the biggest car hire traps is to book the first affordable offer that you find. Don’t do that. You should devote a bit of time to comparing car hire prices and services. This won’t take long if you take advantage of the amazing airport car hire deals shown on You get an extensive list of a wide array of vehicles at excellent prices, so you can compare them and book the best one for you from the comfort of your own home, without having to contact anyone. You save time, money, and energy!

Tip 3: Be Mindful of Policies

When you compare car hire offers, you must pay attention to the various policies that are likely to lead to you getting charged extra if you don’t follow them. Examples of policies that are usually in place and may prevent you from enjoying a budget-friendly car hire deal after all are fuel policy (the amount of fuel that should be in the tank when you return the hire vehicle), the mileage limit, and age restrictions. 

Tip 4: Damages

The main concern of most people interested in hiring a car is what will happen if something occurs to the car. Damages can vary from simple marks to serious breakages. Typically, you will be charged for the cost of repairs. However, insurance can save you from those charges if the damages in question are included in your insurance package. So, have a look at the available insurance packages offered by your supplier to save yourself from unexpected costs. A hack that is always included in essential tips for budget-friendly car hire is to take videos of any existing damages when you pick up the car so that you don’t get charged for something that you didn’t do. 

Tip 5: Return the Car on Time 

Another simple thing that you can do is to just return the hire car at the set location on time. Otherwise, the car hire company has the right to charge extra for late return, and you definitely don’t want that.