Riga's schools are ready to resume face-to-face learning - Stakis

  • 2021-08-27
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Riga's schools are ready to ensure the resumption of face-to-face studies, Riga Mayor Martins Stakis said during a press conference today.

He stressed that teachers do not have to be Zoom administrators, but parents do not have to be teachers for their children. Children will be the main beneficiaries of face-to-face learning.

Regarding the observance of safety measures, Stakis emphasized that they are neither excessive nor unenforceable. His son is studying in Germany, where it is the norm to wear a mask all day during the learning process and perform tests twice a week.

The mayor of Riga admitted that this will cause inconveniences, but the requirements will be implemented.

Stakis added that the cooperation with laboratories that perform student testing differs. There are also minor problems, late deliveries and discrepancies. However, these are problems that can be solved.