Responsible Gaming Tools for Baltic Players

  • 2021-06-10

After separating from Russia, the economy of the sister states of the Baltic has been thriving. The states are also recognised for legalising online gambling and the first ones to declare this activity lawful are Latvia in 2010 and Estonia in 2008 and then, Lithuania in 2016. 

Though these countries have paved propitious conditions for the gambling market development, the risks of gambling-related harm are threats for the entire Baltic region. Added to the gambling regulatory authorities established to regulate and supervise the development of gambling activities there, the following are the responsible gaming tools for Baltic players.

Internal Gambling Limits

Among the schemes that have become popular in the Baltic gamblers are Internal Gambling Limits. These tools allow them to leave gambling activities depending on their choice. One of the facilities is the Loss/transfer limit, a tool to hinder the amount of money they can lose. The players can also restrict the amount they use on gaming with a Deposit limit tool. 

Obviously, they are not allowed to bet higher than their chosen amount. Another system for preventing gambling addiction is the Loss/transfer limits. With this tool, the users are able to set a limit on the amount they can lose or transfer that allows them to prevent big losses. Other facilities are available depending on the players’ needs.

Self-Exclusion Schemes

The self-exclusion schemes have become common among the Baltic Players and similar to other European countries, these three nations launched their programmes to minimize gambling harm. The citizens who want to ban themselves from the gaming websites should register at the scheme or install an application. Once the registration is confirmed, they can immediately block themselves for a period of time depending on their choice. 

It is similar to the popular self-exclusion scheme called GamStop, you can find more about GamStop integration and reasons why casino site such as is not on GamStop and accepts British customers.. Latvia's self-exclusion scheme is one of the facilities applied in the Latvia gambling industry to minimize the gambling addiction there. Moreover, Lithuanian gambling operators are also obliged to use a self-exclusion tool to help their customers. 

Under the regulation of the Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority (LGSA), the national scheme is an opportunity for the players who wish to ban themselves from the local gambling websites. Another renowned facility dedicated to Estonia-based gamblers is the restriction tool that was launched in 2016. One of the reasons to make this solution helpful is its option that permits the consumers to choose the duration of their restrictions.


Since its creation in 2019, BetBlocker has become a well-used tool among gamblers. This app was, actually, developed by, a service in the UK centering on providing reviews on the best online casino. This self-blocking facility is available to players across the world including the Baltic states. 

With this software, those who are more likely to get addicted to gambling should download the application on their Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. Then, they can choose the duration of their ban. BetBlocker has become a professional in the prevention of gambling problems by launching more features to minimize as much as possible the harm associated with gambling.


When ColdTurkey was previously chosen to block distracting sites like Facebook and YouTube, this system has become the most used website blocking software among the players. As it provides a simple and quick process, this app can be downloaded on computers, Macs, and Windows. 

With this feature, those who want to be banned from gambling sites have to install the app which is not a long process. Then, they can choose the platforms they want to quit which is also an easy procedure. Similar to every blocking tool, the users have to choose the period of time they want to be excluded. Today, ColdTurkey has become crucial in the gambling sector because this free service is reputed to be effective.


Playing responsibly is significant in the gambling sphere in the Baltic countries. This measure has been applied since the legalisation of this entertaining activity there. Even though the regulatory bodies were established to promote responsible gambling, the self-exclusion tools are paramount to help each player avoid excessive gambling participation. In these tools, the players who feel develop gambling issues can download the app and prohibit themselves from gambling sites. 

Several self-exclusion schemes are offered to them from which they are allowed to choose the duration of their prohibition. As the Baltic sisters’ initiative is to offer a safe and responsible gambling environment, these facilities are evidence that their efforts have delivered results.