Putin's recent activities have made West change their attitude to Kremlin - Sarts

  • 2022-02-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The recent activities of Russian President Vladimir Putin, openly announcing readiness to occupy territories of Ukraine, is a turning point that has made the West to change their attitude to the Kremlin, said Janis Sarts, Director of the Riga-based NATO Center of Excellence for Strategic Communication, in an interview with commercial TV3 television today.

Commenting on the political atmosphere in Russia, Sarts said that it is clear that there are no such people in Russia who would be ready and able to publicly confront Putin's opinion, leading to one of the biggest disasters of the 21st century.

He believes that the world now is on a turning points that will determine how we will live for the next decades.

"Putins has assessed that the West is weak, he challenges the international system, and many countries are watching him. If he succeeds, we will see the existing world order disappear. It will be difficult for small countries like Latvia to live in such a world. I hope, however, that he will not succeed," said Sarts.

He said that the West may no longer ignore what the current Russia and Putin means. Germany has already demonstrated it with a decision to suspend certification of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.