Prosecutor General asks curt to terminate activities of Jauna Paaudze religious organization

  • 2021-11-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Prosecutor General Juris Stukans has asked court to terminate activities of Jauna Paaudze (New Age) religious organization.

The prosecution office informed LETA that Riga City Pardaugava Court today received an application from the prosecutor general, asking to terminate activities of two organizations - Riga congregation of Evangelic Christian Church Jauna Paaudze and Evangelic Christian Church Jauna Paaudze.

The application requests a temporary protection instrument - a ban to carry out certain activities and a ban on the taking of any public activity, including church services, regardless of the location of the activity.

The prosecution in a probe found out that despite the requirements of social distancing and other epidemiological safety measures, the Riga congregation of Jauna Paaudze Evangelical Christian Church had gathered at least six times in the course of 2021 in public events, despite the fact that administrative penalties have already been applied.