Pro-European Georgians are fighting to break away from Russian influence - MEP Kalniete

  • 2023-03-09
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Pro-European Georgians are currently fighting to break away from Russian influence, European Parliament member Sandra Kalniete (New Unity) believes. 

Speaking to LETA through her aide Elina Bivina, the Latvian MEP said that the recent events in Georgia must be only regarded in the context of Russia's war in Ukraine and Kremlin-inspired activities in Moldova - the pro-European Georgians' clearly expressed desire to break away from Russia's sphere of influence goes hand in hand with Ukraine's fight against Russia's aggression and Moldova's efforts to implement reforms. Kalniete believes that long-term security in Europe will not be possible as long as such "grey zones" continue to exist. 

"The law on foreign agents has been copied from the Kremlin textbook. It is being pushed through the Georgian parliament by lawmakers from the Georgian Dream party, but it is not a dream of the Georgian youth, middle-class or intellectuals. They see their future in the European Union and a democratic Georgia. They are ready to fight and to not allow pro-Russia oligarch [Georgian President Bidzina Ivanishvili] to carry out the Kremlin's plan to put an end to Georgia's European choice with this law," the MEP said. 

Kalniete's European People's Party (EPP) Group in the European Parliament has said on Twitter that "the voice of the Georgian people who believe in the European future of their country is strong & clear. The authorities dropped the "foreign agents" bill." The EPP has called on Georgian politicians to continue to listen to the people's will and to not threaten its future in a secure and democratic Europe.