President sends condolences to next-of-kin of Estonia's 1st coronavirus victim

  • 2020-03-25
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid on Wednesday extended her condolences to the next-of-kind of the country's first coronavirus victim.

"We, the rest, will go on. We will go together because this virus can only be won by supporting each other. How the pandemic will end for Estonia depends on everyone in Estonia, and in a literal sense, not in a figurative sense. Everyone's role and the impact of their decisions are particularly clear and direct in overcoming the coronavirus," the head of state said.

According to Kaljulaid, the experience of other countries so far shows that staying away from each other helps. "Nothing else helps. As citizens of a democratic state, the state does not take responsibility for maintaining social distance. Therefore, the measures implemented by Estonia and other Western countries are not comparable to China. We are responsible ourselves. Everyone. As in regular circumstances, the state shares responsibility with us today, too. The state democratically sets the rules of social life, our role is to adhere to them. They must be respected. And maybe do even a little more than what is being asked," the president said.

She acknowledged that everyone is worried about tomorrow and the day after that in a way that the vast majority of Estonians have never experienced in their lives. "Let us support each other. The best support is to think constantly about what I can do to protect my family, elderly relatives, the community? It is beautiful to see the people of Estonia keeping a distance while walking in the woods and giving each other way on small intersecting paths -- and smiling. Because we are together," the president said.

Kaljulaid added that, unfortunately, Estonia is still in the early stages of the epidemic. "It is up to us all whether there are enough hospital beds and people to care for the sick when we reach the top of the curve. Let us work together to keep this peak as far away and as flat as possible so that patients arriving in hospital in the coming weeks are able to receive the same treatment as today," the president said.

"Dear people of Estonia -- it is time to stick together. Unfortunately, it is also time to keep away. Let us make it not a time of loneliness, but also a time of communication and caring. This is how we can overcome it. I bow my head in mourning," the head of state added.