President: Current situation real test to Estonia's broad-based natl defense

  • 2020-03-23
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The present situation is a real test to Estonia's broad-based national defense, President Kersti Kaljulaid said.

Kaljulaid said that she held a video call with the team of the situation center, a unit created under the Government Office a couple of years ago. The center has a largely unnoticed yet crucial role in the present crisis -- collecting adequate information, analyzing it if possible, and relaying it to decision-makers, national authorities and in the current situation also to local governments.

"It is all in the name that decisions made today should be as well-informed as possible. This crisis is in many ways an important test to Estonia's broad-based national defense and the Government Office as its coordinating body," Kaljulaid wrote on social media.

The president said that she was pleased to hear that information is generally provided by state authorities without delay and fears from a few years ago that not all agencies may be inclined to share their information in a state of crisis have not materialized.

"I wish strength and resilience to Stenbock House and the situation center," the head of state said.