Popunder ads: Pros & Cons, Strategies, Types

  • 2022-11-10

Popunder is an advertising technology based on showing visitors intrusive pop-up banners and background pages.

Popunder is actively used by webmasters to monetize their resources and by advertisers to sell goods and provide services. Its action is similar to the work of contextual advertising. For implementation, specialized services are used.

There is no fixed cost of placement - the price of a click is determined by the principle of an auction. It differs from other advertising tools in the aggressiveness of ad delivery.

Popunder: what is it, and how does it work

The popunder ad is embedded on the site. And when the resource is opened, the user sees an advertisement. It usually blocks the site. So the advertiser forces the user to click on the object.

Depending on the settings, there can be two scenarios for further development of events:

1. Clicking on the cross will open a new tab with the advertiser's ad.

2. You can easily remove the banner presented by popunder and be able to interact fully with the site. At the same time, a commercial page will load in the background. It will appear in plain sight when you want to leave the resource and try to close the window. If you switched to the promoted site earlier, new dialogs are not displayed.

The first method is rarely used today. Search engines have long begun to recognize such blocks. They consider them to be cheating users. Projects that implement these methods are ranked below. With a low level of other factors, they can get banned.

The technology is implemented using Java Script codes and specialized partner services. Efficiency largely depends on the choice of topics and display settings. Advanced specialists can make a considerable profit, and amateurs can get sanctions from search engines.

How to use PopUnder ads correctly

There are several factors that significantly affect the effectiveness of Popunder ad units:

- attractive bright banner design;

- use of catchy headings;

- relevance in relation to the subject of the main resource.

The default intrusive ad popup annoys users. To get him to stay on the page, you need to get his attention and offer a solution to the problem.

Here's an example:

If a person goes to the site on the request “which car to choose” or “what to look for when choosing a car,” it is logical to offer an advertising banner for a car dealership that now provides discounts.

Such a move will not cause irritation and will help a potential client to choose a good car model.


- the advertiser will get a potential buyer;

- the user will be loyal to the resource he came to;

- the webmaster will receive a partner commission.

Getting to non-targeted blocks, users most often close the tab immediately after switching from search engines.

Popunder traffic is best sent to pages with news, promotions, discounts, and free offers (test drive, a demo version of the program, etc.). The method is actively used by info businessmen for retargeting. They get the right contacts by distributing records of past seminars or materials for them.

Advantages and disadvantages of technology


- High percentage of clicks. It approaches unity. It is technically arranged in such a way that, having visited the site, the user will not be able to go further without clicking on the banner with the mouse. The exception is when he immediately leaves the site.

- Low transfer cost. Popunder is one of the cheapest sources of traffic. Usually, advertisers pay from 1 to 10 dollars for every thousand impressions, depending on the site's requirements.

- Contact with a live audience. Cheat, and auto clicks are reduced to zero. The main source of visitors is people who come through the links of organic issuance.


- First negative impression. The aggressive way of presenting information affects the audience's mood.

- The problem of precise definition of the target audience. Popunder is a technology in which 90% of success depends on the right topic for advertising.

- Website pessimization. Search engines are negatively disposed to introducing such Java Script codes into the file structure and reduce positions for this.

Selecting the source of popunder traffic

Choosing the source of pop traffic can be quite difficult. There are several criteria that you should pay attention to:

- Traffic volumes and top verticals.

- The ability to filter bot traffic and prevent fraudulent activities.

- Payment model and minimum deposit.

- Possible targeting options.

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Every webmaster should understand that popunder is such an advertising tool that can give a good income or lead to the exclusion of a resource from the search results. Before placing partner materials, it is necessary to thoroughly study the issue and weigh all the pros and cons. You need to decide what is more expensive: monetization or visitor loyalty.