Popularity of Brite at Estonian casinos

  • 2024-01-08

Online casinos are all about customers taking chances with their money in a bid to win some extra cash. Sometimes this is successful, while at other times the house wins. Whatever the case may be, there needs to be local or global payment providers that make funding user accounts possible.

One of the most popular payment methods today is Brite. In this article, among other things, we will talk about the popularity and advantages of Brite at Estonian online casinos.

Estonian casinos are growing

Estonian casinos have become quite a phenomenon in Europe. It was in 2010 when the Estonian Tax and Customs Board first started licensing online casinos for Estonian usage. Shortly after this, the so-called EMTA casinos would also start spreading outside the borders of the small European nation.

Before the Estonians joined the industry, European casino players looking for tax-free casinos did not have a lot of options. For instance in Finland—another gambling-loving European country—online casino wins are taxed based on where the brand in question has gotten its license. Essentially, only casinos inside the European Union can offer Finns tax-free wins. At britekasinot.io, Finns can find a variety of interesting Brite casinos. Today, without the Estonian license, Finns would only be able to receive tax-free wins from casinos licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Online casinos have also benefited from the inclusion of the Estonian license. It has become known for its considerably lower price tag compared to that of its Maltese counterpart. In addition to this, the EMTA license still provides most of the same benefits, including being a hit among international customers. Whether an EU casino has a license from Malta or Estonia seems to be more or less of a non-issue for experienced gamblers.

What is Brite?

Brite is one of the most popular payment methods at online casinos today. It is a product of Brite AB; a Swedish fintech company founded in 2019 by CEO Lena Hackelöer.

Brite was founded to serve as a competitor for some of the other big names in the fintech game. Brite’s main competitors include other long-time Swedish companies such as Trustly and Zimpler as well as the Finnish Euteller.

The most popular thing about Brite is how it allows online casino players to play at their favorite brands with no actual registration needed. This has been made possible by a service called bankID.

Whenever an online casino arrives at a so-called pay n play casino, he or she is greeted with a huge field where he can immediately insert his desired deposit amount. After this, the user can choose his local bank from an associated list and proceed to confirm his deposit with his very own mobile banking app. Once this is done, the deposit can be found in the player’s account, ready to be used on a variety of casino games.

Brite is a hit among players

Due to its incredible functionality, it is no wonder why Brite casinos have become such a big hit among worldwide online casino customers. The fact that customers can join casino brands simply by making a deposit is something that had never been done before pay n play casinos became a hit a few short years ago.

Granted, not all Brite casinos have the same pay n play qualities. For some casinos, Brite is just one banking option among all the others. However, even with these more traditional casinos, Brite is a fast way to fund your gaming account.

Because of the immense popularity of Brite casinos, their numbers have been rising steadily. Lately, the vast majority of new Estonian casinos have opted to use either Brite or some other similar payment option to provide players with pay n play experiences. This trend is also likely to continue as, for now, there does not seem to be better payment method successors on the horizon.