Police start administrative proceedings over emotional violence against child at religious community

  • 2020-09-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

JELGAVA - Police have started administrative offense proceedings over emotional violence against a child at the Mountain Blessings Community, which is based at Brukna Manor in Bauska Region, Dace Kalnina, a spokeswoman for the Zemgale regional department of the State Police, informed LETA. 

The police spokeswoman said that the administrative proceedings have been started over violence against one particular child. 

A police inquiry also continues into various other violations reported at Brukna, Kalnina said.

As reported, police have started an inquiry to check the facts reported by the State Children Rights Protection Inspectorate following an inspection at the Mountain Blessings Community.

A police representative said that based on the State Children Rights Protection Inspectorate's report, law enforcement authorities in Bauska have opened an inquiry into alleged violations against youngsters with behavioral issues living in the community at Brukna Manor.

The initial inspection was carried out after the Children Rights Protection Inspectorate received information about possible violations of children's rights, including physical and emotional violence. The follow-up inspection was carried out on August 20.

The inspection established that minors at Brukna Manor had to work for very long hours and, if they failed to do their daily assignments, they also had to work at night. Those disobeying the rules were only fed bread and water.

Some children were experiencing physical problems and had fainted while working in the heat all day, the Children Rights Protection Inspectorate concluded.

The inspectorate was also reported instances of physical and emotional violence in the community. The children had to work alongside adults who had previously been convicted of different crimes, as well as people with various dependencies.

The Children Rights Protection Inspectorate's findings have been forwarded to the State Police, Food and Veterinary Service, and the State Labor Inspectorate.