Police halt unauthorized passenger transport between Estonia, Ukraine

  • 2023-08-04
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian police have launched proceedings against an entrepreneur who organized unlawful passenger transport between Estonia and Ukraine.

The entrepreneur, a Ukrainian citizen operating as a sole proprietor, came to the attention of the police due to the provision transportation services between Tallinn and Kyiv without a passenger transport license.

"The entrepreneur was conducting so-called pirate transport, trying to present his activity as organizing tourist excursions, as the requirements for them are more lenient. In reality, however, he was running a regular service. In addition to violating the Public Transport Act, the carrier was also harming fair competition," Toomas Korenev, head of the North Prefecture traffic group, said.

In addition, the bus drivers did not follow the valid driving and rest time requirements.

"A one-way trip lasted over one day, and during this time the drivers did not make the mandatory stops for rest. This is unacceptable, as a tired driver puts at risk about 50 passengers and also endangers other road users," Korenev added.

The entrepreneur and another bus driver were fined, and the police impounded the bus. The police will return the bus to the entrepreneur once the company submits the necessary permits for passenger transport.