PM: This is the kind of Estonia we wanted

  • 2021-08-20
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on Friday, the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Estonia's independence, that there is much to be grateful for and to keep and develop further.

Kallas said at the flag-raising ceremony in the Governor's Garden of the Riigikogu that 30 years has been long enough to start gradually forgetting the everyday difficulties of the first free years and sometimes ask critically whether this is the kind of Estonia we wanted.

"At the same time, it is a short enough time to vividly remember the instances of narrow luck and unsafe moments and answer: yes, this is exactly the kind of Estonia we wanted. Secure, peaceful, stable, European, a bit Nordic and at the same time very unique," she said.

The prime minister added that the events around the world remind us that nothing is ever granted and that we have a lot that we have built ourselves and that we can be thankful for, and that we need to keep safe and develop further. "Equal rights and opportunities for women and men. Everyone’s right to be critical and voice their opinion if they feel the need," Kallas said.

She expressed hope that with the arrival of fall, schools, culture and economy can remain open, and Estonian people who care about each other and lent a hand do not have to limit themselves to the beautiful nature of their homeland, but can, if they wish, travel freely around the world again, as we have been used to doing for 30 years already.

"The soul loves freedom, especially the Estonian soul. Of course, we must remember that freedom also means responsibility, the obligation to look out for others, their lives and their freedom. Let us be open, let us trust our scientists and our compatriots, as we looked out for and trusted them 30 years ago, when we were all one, together for the same thing," Kallas said.

"Let us look out for each other as we do for our Estonia and its nature. Let us look out for each other and stick together, because together we can do everything and win anyway," the prime minister said.