PM: Estonia helping Ukraine defend their country

  • 2022-08-26
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - In remarks published on Wednesday, Ukraine's Independence Day, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas stressed that Estonia stands unwaveringly by Ukraine and is  helping Ukrainians defend their country.

Kallas said that while the celebration of Ukraine's Independence Day this year is taking place under unprecedentedly difficult circumstances, the immense will of Ukrainians to defend their country and their bravery to stand up for their country's independence gives everyone the incentive to continue supporting Ukraine until Russia loses this war and Ukraine regains the occupied territories.

The prime minister noted that since the beginning of the war, tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens who have been forced to flee the war have arrived in Estonia.

"We are both helping the Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Estonia and continuing to stand up for the freedom of Ukraine by providing them with the weapons, training and humanitarian assistance they need to defend their country. Our support for Ukraine is unwavering," she said.

Kallas pointed out that a few days ago, the government approved another package of military support for Ukraine, as part of which Estonia will give Ukraine more weapons, especially mortars and anti-tank weapons. Estonia also supports the organization of training for the Ukrainian armed forces initiated by the UK and will send another field hospital to Ukraine in cooperation with Germany.

"I also call on all other countries to continue to support Ukraine militarily," the premier said.

Estonia will continue its efforts in the international arena to help Ukraine.

"Every country has the right to make its own decisions concerning its society and security. We support Ukraine on their path to the European Union. It is important that Ukraine comes out of the war stronger than it was before. That is why we are also offering assistance to Ukraine in carrying out the reforms necessary for joining the EU," Kallas said.

According to the Estonian prime minister, Russia has to pay for its actions.

"We must ensure that the perpetrators of crimes of aggression are held internationally accountable and that the evidence is preserved," she said.

In addition, it is necessary to move forward with the next, even stronger, sanctions package, the premier said, describing it as important that we limit the opportunities for Russian citizens to travel in Europe.

"In a situation where Ukrainian people are being tortured, murdered and terrorized, Russian citizens should not enjoy tourist trips in Europe. After all, tourism is a privilege, not a right," Kallas emphasized.

A music video has been made in Estonia to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine and to support the Ukrainian people, in which girls of the Musamari Women's Chamber Choir, conducted by Ode Purg, perform the Ukrainian folk song "ТИХА ВОДА," or "Quiet Water." The video made by Sander Allikmae can be watched at .