Online Gambling Statistics: Overview of the Modern Gambling Market

  • 2024-03-07

Placing bets and winning stakes is no longer reserved for land-based venues, as players worldwide prefer the convenience of modern gambling formats. It is yesterday’s news that internet gambling statistics favour online gambling which is fast, easy, cheap, and delivers more variety than anyone could ever imagine. 

But who are the people who enjoy and set up new modern gambling discourse? What games do they like to play?  Even bonus deals such as 150 free spins for a $1 Canadian deposit are targeted towards video slots based on reels can raise questions. What is the next big thing we can look forward to from the gambling industry, and when can we expect it to happen? 

Answers to all these questions and many others about modern gambling await in the article that is right here in front of you! Dive into the fascinating world of gambling and learn more about the latest trends in the industry. 

Psychology of Modern Gambling: Why Do People Gamble?    

Just like when it comes to traditional betting formats, there are many reasons why people indulge in modern gambling: some do it to win, others just to feel the much-needed adrenaline rush. While there are as many reasons as there are players, here are some of the online gambling highlights that present a broader perspective brought by the 2018 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS):

- 35% of all Canadians have placed a bet in 2017:

- 48% of them simply wanted to win some extra cash;

- 35% love the excitement only modern gambling can ensure;

- 33% claim sports betting makes watching games more interesting;

- 29% love the competition;

- 18% perceive gambling as nothing but a hobby.

Money seems to be the main motivator in real money gaming, but it is also important to notice that adrenaline-inducing excitement is also very high on the list. Very few gamblers are ready to admit they have a gambling habit, or a hobby if you like. 

Along with gambling comes problem gambling — it is one of those gambling facts that cannot be denied. Although some operators downplay the importance of it, the Canadian Problem Gambling Index transparently displays some surprising numbers about modern gamblers in the Great White North:

- 304,400 gamblers are exposed to moderate to severe risks of developing problem gambling;

- Males tend to be exposed to higher risks than females. Statistically, men are in general more prone to risky behaviours, including unreasonable bets;

- Whites (69.1%) report more gambling than Blacks (56.6%), Chinese (45.6%) and South Asians (39.8%);

- The record-breakers among gamblers are indigenous people, as 72.4% of them reported they have gambled in the past year;

- Compared to white people, they have a higher risk of developing a gambling problem. 

Now, let’s talk about money. Some might say it is not a topic for civilized conversation, but it is important to mention that low-income individuals are more exposed to the risks of gambling than those with a higher income. In Canada, 71.5% of players from the highest-income households were at a 1.1% risk of developing an issue. At the same time, 53.8% of people from the lowest-income households were under a 2.7% risk. 

Statistics on Modern Gambling Worldwide    

After the pandemic, it became obvious that modern gambling, or online gambling, is moving full speed ahead. German data-gathering platform Statista predicts the iGaming industry will reach revenue of US$107.30bn by 2024, and US$138.10bn by 2028. The number of people who enjoy the thrills of the online gaming industry is believed to reach 243.2m by 2028, with a user penetration of 3%.

That is just the beginning of the tale of the modern gambling phenomenon: 

- Statista foresees steady annual growth in revenue of 6.51%;

- The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to reach US$0.55k by 2028;

- Thanks to many states opening their doors to the gambling industry, the United States of America will become a world leader in the online gambling in 2024 with US$23,030.00m;

- Its northern neighbour, Canada, will also note a steady increase in the online gambling statistics, mostly due to the highest level of user penetration in the world: 48.6%.

According to the Polaris Market Research Report, one of the main reasons why the online gambling industry is on the rise is the COVID-19 pandemic. Locked in their homes, people were looking for platforms that would provide them with entertainment, and for many, online gambling proved to be a solid option. 

As traditional gambling establishments got locked down, online casinos and sportsbooks attracted even crowds hesitant to take a shot at online betting. After the lockdown ended, players stayed in the online realm, leading to immense growth in the industry.    

Modern Gambling Statistics by Countries: Australia, Canada, USA & UK

The interest in modern gambling entertainment is on the increase across the globe, but we will tackle the dominating markets and introduce you to gambling statistics in Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia. 

All four markets have different legislation, yet all of them are among the biggest gambling countries in the world! 


According to a study by IMRC, the Land Down Under’s gambling market was valued at $4.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2028. The same study claims that 80% of all adult Australians place real money bets. Here are some other facts about the gambling industry in Australia:

- In 2017-2018, Aussies spent $24.887 billion on different types of betting;

- Between 2020 and 2022, 8% of Australians decided to play online;

- In 2023, 42% of all sports wagers were submitted via mobile phones and 22% of wagers were placed via desktop computers.


Even though gambling laws vary from province to province, The Great White North is one of the modern gambling hotspots. With the total gambling gross win at $12.5 billion Canada is setting new standards. 

Here’s the rundown of the online gaming industry in the Land of the Maple Syrup:

- In 2021, 12% of players were female and 12.9% of online gamblers were male, meaning both sexes enjoy the gambling industry just the same;

- Before 2019, 40% of gamblers visited land-based venues at least once a year. In 2022, that number dropped to 26%;

- 30% of gamblers prefer mobile gambling over traditional betting. 


The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave has remarkable internet gambling statistics, starting with the total gambling gross win of $66.5 billion. Albeit still only partially regulated, from 2016 to 2021, 4.2 billion Americans managed to gamble regularly, but only 3% of them did it online. In 2022, we see a change in the discourse, as mobile devices became the preferred way of gambling, taking up 58% of all casino and betting traffic. In the same year, 85% of all gamblers preferred their mobile phones for wagering over any other device. 


The United Kingdom was one of the first countries to regulate online gambling, and today, it has a gambling gross win of around £14.26 billion. The laws in the UK recognize modern gambling as a separate industry and do a marvellous job of navigating operators, customers and professional organizations. 

Check out these numbers to get a better insight: 

- From 2022 to 2023, 26% of all gamblers preferred to do it online, while 27% remained loyal to their betting shops and casino venues;

- The country counts 32 million gaming accounts and 17.5 million online gamblers;

- Men and women both love online gambling: 29% of the men and 24% of all women prefer to bet online. 

Most Popular Types of Modern Gambling    

One of the most persistent gambling facts is that gamblers will gamble, no matter what. The passion for the game is strong, but still, certain trends shape the iGaming environment as we know it. Let’s take a look at popular gambling genres: 

- Casino takes 39% of the cake;

- Sports take almost the same slice — 34%;

- Lottery holds 18% of the market;

- Poker is represented with only 4%;

- Bingo takes 3% and skill games only 1%. 

The casino might be dominating modern gambling, yet there is one game that takes the lead over any other: slot games. Vibrant titles stacked with bonus features are responsible for 79.7% of online revenue in the entire gambling industry. They are followed by table games (13.7%) and lotteries (6.4%). 

Online sports betting is another major force in the world of modern gambling, always packing a good punch with hot teams and high odds. Sports betting internet gambling statistics are somewhat vague compared to casino ones, primarily as many countries still don’t recognize this type of online wagering. 

That being said, the data we know serves as a clear indicator of the most popular categories: 

- In 2021, 70.6% of betting revenue was generated by football (soccer) bets;

- Tennis contributed with 7.4% and basketball with 6.5%;

- Surprisingly, cricket added 3.8%, while all other sports generated 11.8% of revenue. 

One of the less-known gambling facts is that the entire online gaming industry started with the rise of online poker in the early 2000s. Today, the game has created a niche market worth $86.2bn in 2022. Although not as popular as it used to be, poker still notes consistent growth, and it is believed the value of the market will reach $237.5bn by 2030. 

The lottery market is often under the state monopoly, and the status of independent lottery draws varies from market to market. The conservative European market is still the largest, but the South-Asian one is the one that notes the highest growth rates. The global lottery revenue for 2023 is estimated at 10.75 billion. 

Bingo is the most popular among women who make up 70-80% of its playing community. Mobile bingo fans are between 30 and 50 years old, and the global bingo market was estimated at ​​​​​​60,008.22 million in 2022.         

Statistics of Most Popular Games in Modern Gambling 

Slot machines are the prevalent type of gaming on modern gambling sites. An analysis that included 2,500 different online casinos proved slots make up 87.5% of all the available content. Such deposit-based deals are becoming increasingly common, as brands forego no-deposit deals and ask for a minimum top-up. 

This bonus trend in the gambling industry has been noticeable for quite some time: 

- 13.8% of online casinos offer no-deposit deals;

- 30.1% ditch them completely;

- Still, such bonuses are very popular among players, and 69-9% of them have received a no deposit bonus at free bonus online casino in their country;

- 36.6% of players find no deposit free spins to be the best deal the gambling industry can give them;

- 19.5% of players don’t mind mixed deals that combine free spins and no deposit bonus credits.

But, enough about bonuses! Let’s discuss another popular trend in the gambling industry — live casino games! They make up only about 5% of the content across online casino pages, yet they also experience remarkable growth year after year. Players can enjoy 25,000 different titles and tables, which is a steady 33% increase from 2022. It seems that players simply love the authenticity, bonus features and overall experience this gambling format offers.