Central Lithuanian schools launch term-less strike

  • 2000-05-25
ROKISKIS, Lithuania (BNS) - Teachers of nine schools of Lithuania's
central Rokiskis district have warned their students about the
term-less strike scheduled to start May 23 amid graduation exams.

The staff of the Rokiskis schools staged a two-hour warning strike
several weeks ago with the hope of receiving their wages, which have
been overdue two months now. However, they failed to receive a

An initiator of teachers' trade unions in the Rokiskis district, Terese
Gailiuniene, said that the teachers decided to strike because the
district's municipality is unable to solve the problem by itself.

"We receive many promises, which are never specific. We will cease the
strike as soon as we arrive at a concrete agreement and start receiving
money," said Gai-liuniene.

"Exams will be conducted at schools where they were planned to be
held," she said, adding that commissions have been formed comprising
school principals and retired teachers.

If a plan for paying overdue wages is not suggested within one week,
the staff of the Rokiskis district's kindergartens will also join the

The district's monthly income totals three million litas ($750,000)
which is about the same amount of money needed for monthly salaries and
social allowances of teachers and staff of other budgetary