Letter to editor

  • 2004-03-11
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I cannot express how disappointed I was when I read your article "Bugging out in the Baltics." Actually, I feel sorry for you. I don't know how long you've stayed in this country, but it seems that all you've experienced was bad. It just can't be true. This article just shows your ability to see only the dark side of life. It's so sad because I know how many nice things you have missed during your trip to Latvia. Come back and try to find something nice instead of being intolerant to things you can find everywhere in the world.
Traffic lights. I can't see any harm in observing the rules and waiting for the green light. Why do we have to follow the common insanity on the streets that can be observed in other European countries (like Italy)?
Dill - don't be ridiculous! If you don't like Latvian food, please don't eat it.

Marite Scerbakova