Swedish post: better late than never

  • 2004-01-15
  • AFP
STOCKHOLM - A postcard sent from southern Sweden in 1982 arrived at its destination in the center of the country last month, more than 21 years later, a Swedish daily reported Jan. 12.

But the intended recipients of the correspondence died years ago, and their daughter - who sent them the postcard 21 years ago - received the delivery in her mailbox on Dec. 19.
The newspaper calculated that the postcard took 7,814 days to travel 830 kilometers, averaging a speed of nine meters per day.
The postage stamp - which cost 1.65 kronor (0.18 euro at 2004 exchange rates) compared with today's 5.50 kronor (0.60 euro) - featured a young King Carl Gustaf XVI.
The monarch is now a graying 57-year-old.