Letter to the editor: Training for life

  • 2004-01-08
I enjoyed reading Darius Ross's recent article on the American Professional Partnership for Lithuanian Education in which I have been privileged to participate in recent summers. He captured vividly the spirit of interchange and educational exploration that is part of each summer. I have been deeply enriched by the courage, creativity, love of truth and beauty and dedication to empowering the next generation that Lithuanian teachers participating in the religion/ethics strand have brought to each class. Furthermore, I have learned a great deal from them about the rigorous pedagogy and expectations of excellence that have been a significant dimension of schooling in Lithuania throughout its history. It is these insights that I bring back to the U.S.A. to the communications class and other seminars for educators that I teach at Dominican University near Chicago.
I might add that because of my experiences in the APPLE program and access to the Internet, I am a regular reader of The Baltic Times online and find it a good resource for keeping in touch with life in Lithuania in the months between the summer institutes. I look forward to being in Vilnius again this July and learning yet more from Lithuanian educators and sharing what gifts I have to offer.
Cathy Campbell