New Latvian ambassador to the U.S. arrived in Washington April 3

  • 2000-04-06
WASHINGTON (LETA) – The new Latvian Ambassador to the United States Aivis Ronis arrived in Washington April 3. The specific date the Ambassador will present his credentials to U.S. President Bill Clinton has not yet been announced, according to the Latvian Embassy in Washington. Setting the date depends on the President's schedule.

The new Estonian ambassador Sven Jurgenson, who has been in Washington since early February, is expected to present his credentials in the first weeks of April.

An Estonian Embassy official did not exclude the possibility that the two Baltic ambassadors could present their credentials at the same ceremony. It is a common practice that the President receives a group of new ambassadors at one time.

"The ball is on the State Department's side now. We are expecting an answer from the protocol office, which deals with setting up the ceremony," said the Estonian embassy official.

Jurgenson presented copies of his credentials to Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott immediately after arrival. After copies of credentials are presented at the State Department new ambassadors can start to carry out their ambassadorial duties.