The Bottom line

  • 2000-07-06
Tango becomes Lithuanian dance

Tens of thousands of Lithuanians emigrated to Argentina, Brazil and
Uruguay at the beginning of the 20th century. Now Latin America sends
back the tango.

This year some 100 Lithuanians graduated from the Tango Academy in
Vilnius established by Lithuanian-Uruguayan Juan Eduardo
Slekis-Gimenez. One of the co-founders of the academy is Saule
Saltenyte, daughter of a former Lithuanian culture minister.
Saltenyte's mother is a Lithuanian who returned from Argentina.

Healthy nutrition helps

Stanislava Monstviliene, 52, a farmer from Gomaliai village near
Telsiai in western Lithuania, enjoys unusually fast and free food.
She has been eating sand for a year. Monstviliene says a year ago she
started to feel an incredible desire to eat sand and has been eating
two kilograms of sand each day. Monstviliene eats little everyday
food saying it no longer tastes good and sand tastes much better than
chocolate or bread. She drinks very little water.

Sand has cured big problems with her stomach, eyes and tremendous
headaches, says Monstviliene.

Her husband and son said that they are disgusted but admit
Monstviliene has no psychological problems and behaves normally.

Some medical professionals and neighbors predicted Monstviliene's
demise; however, there are also medical professionals who say that
the human organism tells the brain what the body really needs, and
this choice can depend very much on the individual. Monstviliene says
that local priest has approved her eccentric eating habits.

Waiting to ogle protest

The municipality of the Palanga sea-resort decided to move the
women-only beach Moteru Pliazas from the center of coastal beaches to
outskirts of the Palanga shore where women can enjoy nude sunbathing.
Palanga Women's Club "Ieva" does not agree with the change.

Regina Ivanoviene, one of the leaders of "Ieva", said that nude women
will stage a demonstration in front of the Palanga municipal
building. Men working there are waiting for this protest with
enthusiasm, however, in vain, for the moment.