Letter to Editor

  • 2002-07-18
I really think I will no longer subscribe to The Baltic Times next year as your front page story on Maria Naumova ("Latvia clinches Eurovision," May 30 - June 5) makes me want to throw up. Here is why:

This "lady" has nothing to do with Latvia as she (according to your story) cannot even accept "her honors" in Latvian. She probably does not even speak Latvian. Did you ask her?

She evidently is not a Latvian and does not want to be a Latvian. She so states herself that Latvia is too small for her.Well, well how about her (motherland); that should be big enough. Why go to Europe?

However, Latvia was good enough for her to climb to her aspired goals.

And why go to Europe, why not go to her native motherland to live there with the other occupants in all their past glory. Finally, is this a front-page story? Really?

Paisla Dalins,
Huntsville, Alabama

(Editors note: Maria Naumova does speak Latvian. In fact, most Latvians say she speaks with virtually no accent. She has been held up as a model of integration by the Latvian government. Perhaps we didn't make that point clear enough in our original story. There is another story on Naumova this week. See Page 4.)